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Bell Matriculation Higher Secondary School

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Bell School, founded in 1992, is run by Indrani Chelladhurai Charities, a registered charitable trust. It was started in memory of baby Indrani (aged 2), the founders’ daughter, who passed away back in 1955. Bell School commenced its service with Smt. Lily Darling Chelladhurai as the first Correspondent and it had just 47 students in the inaugural year. Today, 15 years later, it stands as one of the southern districts’ best schools, not just in educating over 2500 children, but also radically transforming the local community with families from diverse and multiethnic backgrounds. The institution aims to achieve a global standing by its 25th year (in 2017) by edifying over 5000 elite students.

The school which was started with a handful of students has today 26 footprints behind. We carry with us an indelible mark on all facets on education i.e. Scholastic and non scholastic activities, sports, occupational and recreational ventures. The school is unique of its kind in identifying and nurturing individual talents. The motto of the school Discipline, Determination and dedication is our strength. These three virtues has been working wonders among young Bell to emerge victorious in life. We not only encourage and stimulate students but also motivate them to appreciate the human aspirations, which of course will provide amicable and worthwhile relationship with others. Above all students are groomed to adorn and adopt themselves to the winning attitudes to reach the pinnacle of success.